“I wish I knew that this sales page would convert”

THE person who’s responsible for writing sales pages that sell for your business, you know:
Your sales page is the most critical piece of the puzzle when it comes to conversions. It’s the linchpin of any campaign you run. If you want to sell online, and not just sell but profit, you have to have sales pages that convert. That’s why…

You’ve put SOOO much effort and your best skill into writing, spending countless hours in front of your laptop

… being careful about the words you use, how you structure your sentences and the emotions you want to evoke.

You’ve been wrestling with your sales page for days now.

You’re tired. Completely beat. And you desperately need to sleep. But still...

You can’t decide on a structure. Or an opening idea. You’re having a hard time figuring out what to put where. The copy sounds choppy, almost like it’s trying too hard.

And the worst part is:


That queasy, gut-twisting anxiety in the pit of your stomach won’t go away no matter how much you feed it because…

You honestly don’t know if your sales page has what it takes to get people to click that bold, beautiful BUY button

Even though you’ve been working from some sales page templates, following people claiming to be “amazing” copywriters…

You still feel like you’re duct taping stuff together, pulling from this formula and that template, very paint-by-numbers style.

Sales page frameworks? **Eye roll** Yeah right.

They’re more like outlines. Basic and high-level. There certainly aren’t any tutorials or training videos — just 15ish bullet points (intro, social proof, credentials, content, offer, that kind of thing) without much explanation as to why or how.

It sure doesn’t feel like a coherent process, more like Russian Roulette. The thing is:

You can’t learn how to write a high-converting sales page from an 8-point blog post. Or a one-page template download. Or another time-sucking webinar that disappears in 48 hours and doesn’t teach you a damn thing.

That’s because:

You don’t WRITE 6-figure sales pages. You ENGINEER them.

What’s the biggest difference between a sales page that skyrockets your revenue and one that barely breaks even?

Is it the hook? No.

Is it the structure? Nope.

Is it the length? Not exactly.

The truth is:

Your success doesn’t depend on any individual element. A high-converting sales page is the sum of a bunch of elements combined together in just the right way.

In other words…

The secret to a sales page that explodes your cash flow, shatters your sales projections, and adds multiple 000s to your bottom line lies in your process.

Professional copywriters spend 5 - 10 - 15 years testing, tweaking, learning and failing on the journey to figure out what converts.

5 years?! I don’t have that kind of time.

Whether you’re launching a new program next month, driving traffic to an evergreen funnel right now or not-so-successfully negotiating a deadline with a boundary-pushing client who wants a sales page in 5 days…

deadlines are tight.

You need — no, you HAVE TO BE able to write 6-figure sales pages in the only time frame you use:

Right now.

You’re already swiping emails, Facebook ads and other pieces of copy so that you can speed up your processes, have inspiration on hand and take a shortcut to sales copy that converts.


Shouldn’t you be able to swipe a 6-figure sales page writing process, too?

The proven and repeatable system for writing sales pages that bring in record-breaking revenues

This is not another one of those oh-so-disappointing templates you’ve already tried.

Nope. Not even close.

10x Sales Pages is a complete sales-page-slaying system, featuring step-by-step videos, workbooks, exercises and examples.

Unlike surface-level (cough, cough, theoretical, cough) templates, the 10x Sales Pages system goes deep.

This training leads you by the hand, section by section, to explain and then demonstrate every single aspect of a high-converting sales page.
img img

From the research to writing, editing and wireframing.

It’s comprehensive, detailed and effective — everything those other resources aren’t. Very little is left to the imagination. Thank goodness.

And better:

It speeds you up, so you can demolish those crazy, nearly-impossible deadlines.

Just like when you swipe an OMG-that-was-amazing email to jumpstart your future campaigns, swiping a complete, step-by-step process saves you hours, days, and depending on where you’re starting from, entire weeks. The best part is:

You can trust everything you learn because it’s worked in the real world with proven and repeatable results.

Get sales page training from the people who’ve crushed 6 figures. Repeatedly.

The 6-figure sales page processes you’ll learn in 10x Sales Pages are based on the 20+ years of combined experience of A-list conversion copywriters Joanna Wiebe and Ry Schwartz.

Joanna Wiebe

The original conversion copywriter, Joanna Wiebe, is the founder of Copyhackers, the top online space for learning to write copy that converts.

She’s been invited to speak on 100+ international stages, including Mozcon and INBOUND. And she's spent the last 15 years optimizing copy for small businesses, huge businesses and cool companies like Intuit, BT, Tesco, Crazy Egg, MetaLab, Buffer and Wistia.

Joanna has used the processes, techniques and tactics she teaches in 10x Sales Pages to write high-converting long-form sales pages for SaaS, franchise businesses, service providers and - of course - her own training programs. Her launches regularly generate $200K to $750K. And she’s copy chiefed or coached copywriters on launches to lists of all sizes, with results ranging from five to seven figures.

review img
The best copywriter I’ve ever met”

Joanna is the best copywriter I’ve ever met, hands down. One of the things that makes her so freakin’ good is her unique ability to combine finely-tuned intuition from years of experience with solid research.

Michael Aagaard Senior Conversion Optimizer at Unbounce
review img
Championship calibre”

Joanna is the New England Patriots of copy and email strategy. Everything is just championship calibre.

Todd Herman Author, Olympic coach and founder of The 90-Day Year
Ry Schwartz

More reclusive than Salinger on a rainy day, Ry Schwartz has been deep in the trenches for over a dozen 6- and 7-figure product launches and evergreen funnels.

He’s written for and/or consulted with top online entrepreneurs and trainers like Amy Porterfield, Todd Herman, London Real, Josh Shipp and Dan Martell just to name a few. And he’s done it all without writing a single line of “copy”.

Instead, he developed the Coaching The Conversion Method™ as a faster, more natural and intuitive framework for crafting launch and funnel copy that connects deeply with your prospects, and “coaches” them into being the perfect buyer.

Ry has used the signature method and processes he teaches in 10x Sales Pages to earn a combined revenue of $20M+ for his clients.

img img
review img
If you get the opportunity to learn from Ry, DO IT”

Ry has a special ability of knowing how to craft messages that are relatable, believable and provoke the emotions that move people to action.

If you get the opportunity to learn from Ry, DO IT.

His work inside my business has resulted in thousands of new subscribers, higher webinar show up rates, and a dramatic increase in overall sales.

Amy Porterfield Online Marketing Strategist & Trainer
review img
“Learn from a true master”


Ryan’s ability to truly capture the essence of my mission as well as help me build sales pages and email sequences that have open rates and conversion numbers I have never seen before. I’ve been in online marketing for over a decade and I wouldn’t dare do a launch without consulting Ryan and his genius email marketing methods…

He took my online business from being just above break-even to doing 5 figure mini launches every 2 weeks!

I beyond recommend taking the time to learn from a true master.

Marc Angelo Coppola Philanthropreneur at Superhero Academy

“There aren’t any better teachers out there for sales pages.”

Chanti Zak

Joanna Wiebe

Creator of Copyhackers

Whom you learn from matters.

When you take your cues from conversion copywriting experts with results at the highest level, you can reasonably trust every sales page thing they say. In 10x Sales Pages, you peek over the shoulders of both Joanna and Ry, veteran conversion copywriters with the results to back up everything they teach.

See how they break down a high-converting sales page at a granular level. And then follow their lead to see how they'd put together a sales page that converts like crazy.

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling. 10x Sales Pages has you covered.

You get access to 2 different sales page training tracks.Use either one to learn how to use long-form sales pages to sell higher-ticket offers priced anywhere from $100 all the way up to $20,000.


In Track 1, Joanna shows you how to write a cash-flow creating sales page by letting your customers draft it for you

You’ll get instant access to 5 modules, featuring, 30+ HD training videos, each averaging 7 minutes in length (with transcripts). This includes 19 over-the-shoulder tutorials plus downloadable worksheets and cheat sheets, exercises, examples and a sales page jumpstart template.

In modules 1 and 2
we’ll build the foundation

of your highest-converting sales page. You’ll zero in on your best potential customer, optimize your offer for irresistibility and start molding the Big Idea that’ll pull people into your sales page and down to the buy button.

img module
In modules 3 and 4
we’ll DO. THE. WORK.

Joanna’s recorded 19 over-the-shoulder videos to walk you step by step through how she writes 6-figure sales pages. Learn how she uses “voice of customer” research methods to write words that convert into cash.

img module
In module 5
you’ll find all the downloadable worksheets and cheat sheets,

exercises, and a sales page jumpstart template to help you apply what you’ve learned.

img module
Grab Joanna’s bonus
246-page eBook The Dark Art of Writing Long-form Sales Pages

(valued at $48.99) that you can’t
purchase anywhere else.

img module

10 Lessons from Track 1 that’ll help you write 10x better sales pages

  1. lessons ico
    The 4-part foundation that helps you engineer your highest-converting sales page before you write a single word
  2. lessons ico
    The “voice of customer” research techniques that write 80% of your sales page for you
  3. lessons ico
    The drag-and-drop method for sorting, tagging and organizing your research, so you can speed up your writing and keep your research data in one central location
  4. lessons ico
    The most unexpected offer-optimization levers that ramp up the desire factor for whatever you’re selling
  5. lessons ico
    The 3 criteria for molding a Big Idea that pulls people into your sales page and down to the buy button
  6. lessons ico
    The PAS-on-Steroids framework that jumpstarts your first draft and eradicates “blank screen syndrome”
  7. lessons ico
    The “Glee Club” approach of long copywriting that convinces your prospect to believe you, to like you, and to choose you
  8. lessons ico
    The easiest section to jump in and start writing so that you avoid sales page paralysis
  9. lessons ico
    The often overlooked, ordinary word (it starts with “B”) that makes your prospect feel all comfy, logical and more open to buying from you
  10. lessons ico
    Joanna’s favorite plug-and-play template for long-form sales pages that you can load into Photoshop and customize right away

In Track 2, Ry shows you how to write a conversion-exploding sales page by “coaching” prospects into the perfect buyer

You’ll get instant access to 7 modules, featuring, 30+ HD training videos, each averaging 10 minutes in length (with transcripts). You’ll also get downloadable workbooks, exercises and examples from various industries and niches.

In modules 1 and 2
you’ll learn how to “coach the conversion”

by leveraging subtle precursors that ethically lead people to say yes to your offer. Here’s where you’ll first meet the 15-Point Sales Page in a Day Template, a step-by-step process that helps you knock out that sales page in a matter of days.

You’ll also work through a host of exercises, like the “Million Dollar Bet,” the “Perfect Testimonial” and the “67 Golden Questions” to get inside the heads of your best prospects.

img module
In module 3 through 6
Ry walks you through each section of the 15-Point Sales Page in a Day Template

in ultra-detail, from the pre-headline qualifier to a secret stack of dangerously effective bonus closes, showing you what, why and how to write each one.

img module
In module 7
you’ll find all the downloadable workbooks...

exercises, example packs and a full sales page example, so you can easily apply what you’ve learned.

img module

10 Lessons from Track 2 that’ll help you write 10x better sales pages

  1. lessons ico
    The 15-Point Sales Page in a Day Template that will have you confidently nailing the most intimidating part of any sales funnel in a matter of days
  2. lessons ico
    The “Starbucks Test” for knowing exactly how long your sales page needs to be
  3. lessons ico
    The “Coach-Mining” Method that shows you how to use enrollment conversations, product demos and sales calls to extract the rich insights that you can use to “coach the conversion” at scale
  4. lessons ico
    The 67 Golden Questions to Fuel Your Funnel Workbook that will make sure you know exactly who you’re marketing to — and how to best market to them — before you write a single word
  5. lessons ico
    The biggest conversion sin marketers and copywriters make when writing about “desire”… and how to use a combination of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and the Shawshank Redemption to fix it
  6. lessons ico
    The “Moment of Highest Tension” that lights a fire in your prospect and motivates them to take immediate action
  7. lessons ico
    The “Golden Guarantee” that not only reverses risk for your prospect… but unlocks the energy, excitement and resourcefulness needed for them to move forward
  8. lessons ico
    The “Final Confident Appeal” that gives your prospect “borrowed courage” to make a decision in the critical closing paragraphs
  9. lessons ico
    The Risk Mitigator Close that dials up the “natural urgency” in your prospect without relying solely on countdown timers or disappearing bonuses

Regardless of which track you use, you get forever access to:

Step-by-step videos

Instructional and over-the-shoulder demo videos guide you through the entire execution process, from the research to writing, editing and wireframing.

You’ll know what each piece of the sales page is intended to do so that you can justify every word, sentence and phrase, including the order you put them in.

Worksheets & exercises

Knowledge is useless without action. We’ve made it as easy as possible to implement the training on your sales page. Do the worksheets and exercises provided as you go to help you research, brainstorm and write.

Sales Page Examples

Learn better with examples?

We’ve scattered real-life sales page excerpts throughout the course from multiple industries and niches to illustrate the concepts we teach.

You’ll even find several full sales pages, so you can see how the entire process comes together to create a high-converting result.

Start chipping away at your sales page with the very first video you watch.

Our most successful students follow 10x Sales Pages step by step each time they write a sales page.


How do you eat an elephant? Bite by bite. How do you write a high-converting sales page? Section by section.

By writing as you go, you’ll have a completed sales page engineered for recording- breaking revenues before you know it.

By the way, It’s not just Joanna and Ry who get jaw-dropping results.

Our students are using the exact same process to write 6-figure sales pages too:

review img
One of our clients had a $100K+ launch”

10X Sales Pages is a game-changer!

The sales pages I’ve written for our clients using Ry’s themeplate alone are bringing in serious $$$s, over and over again.

Just as an example… One of our clients had a $100K + launch for a $47 product. Another is seeing a 22% conversion for a membership site. PLUS I’ve been able to streamline AND deepen my conversion copywriting process too. If you want to write high-converting sales pages that connect powerfully with your ideal audience, you need 10X Sales Pages.

The course covers everything you need to know about crafting compelling copy and understanding your buyer.

You’ll never suffer from “blank-page” syndrome ever again. I can guarantee that.

Prerna Malik contentbistro.com
review img
We did $47,000 in the first week”

Right after I finished the course, I got a call from Spencer Haws from Niche Pursuits to write a course sales page for Organic Traffic Formula.

In the first week, we exceeded our goals by about 21% for the sales page.

His goal was to do $40,000 to a 1000-person list with a $600 course. We did $47,000 in the first week.

Jesse Gernigin authoritycopy.com

“10x Sales Pages is taught and demonstrated in such detail that I couldn’t go wrong.
Really. I almost couldn’t go wrong.”

Gin Walker
This training works. Period.

Take 10x Sales Pages for a 7-day test drive and experience this sales-page-slaying transformation for yourself

We know this training has the potential to transform your sales pages, your business and your life because it’s the exact same, repeatable process we (and our students) have used to write 6-figure sales pages.

But maybe you’re on the fence because other resources have left you disappointed and a tad bit skeptical. That’s understandable.

That’s why you get to test drive 10x Sales Pages for 7 days. The risk is on us.

Whether you choose a monthly or one-time plan today, you’ll have 7 full days to dive in, watch the videos, do the exercises and use everything you learn to write killer sales pages.

If you don’t see a hike in conversions, customers or revenue by applying our training, send us your work.

If we’ve failed to help you transform your sales page skills, you deserve your money back — and we’ll give it to you.

Remember, you do have to DO THE WORK.

You can’t write 6-figure sales pages simply by watching videos and letting worksheets collect pixel dust in your downloads folder.

You have to IMPLEMENT what you learn.

There’s so much transformation waiting for you on the other side of this training. And since our biggest goal is your results, you absolutely must do the work and put the strategies into action to be eligible for a refund.

That said, if you do the work and it doesn’t have you writing your most profitable sales page yet…

If you still find yourself sliding into that 3AM downward spiral, mentally rewriting every section you slaved over that day...

Email us within 7 days of purchasing here: support@copyhackers.com

the only copywriting training program designed to help you write revenue-exploding sales pages from start to finish
As a 10x Sales Page student, you get:
BOTH Sales Page Writing Tracks
img img

including a combined total of:

access img
12 Modules
access img
73 Videos
access img
20+ worksheets, exercises and examples

Plus! You get a full 7 days to test drive the training risk-free.

The complete 10x Sales Pages training program, including forever access to both tracks and all training materials
A single payment today of:
You’ll save an extra $185
today when you pay in full.
The complete 10x Sales Pages training program, including forever access to both tracks and all training materials
12 monthly payments of:
This option is designed to keep this training cashflow-friendly. When you enroll in the 12-month payment plan, you agree to make all payments.
img img img img
Check Out With Confidence
All payments are processed securely via Stripe.
7-Day Guarantee
Experience a dramatic skill improvement or your money back.

Need help ordering or have questions?

Please contact us at support@copyhackers.com

Questions people like you asked before breaking ground on their next record-breaking sales page

  • How many hours should I set aside to see results?

    The beauty of 10x Sales Pages is this: you don’t have to carve out extra time to "study."

    For best results, we recommend you work through the training as you write your sales page, video by video, section by section. No extra time needed.

  • How do I pay?

    You can pay online with PayPal, Visa, Mastercard or American Express. Unfortunately PayPal doesn’t work for payment plans. Receipts will be issued for all purchases.

  • When do I get access to the video training?

    Immediately! The training is ready for you right now.

  • What if I’m a crappy writer?

    You don’t have to be the next Hemingway or J.K. Rowling. We’ll teach you how to use the words of your prospects and customers, not yours, to write 6-figure sales pages.

  • I’m a total sales page beginner. Is this for me?

    Absolutely. You don’t need any existing sales page skills to hop in and start implementing this training. The best part for beginners is this: you won’t waste time on trial and error because you’re learning how to write 6-figure sales pages from the get-go.

  • I’ve done some sales page training before. Will I learn something new?

    When it comes to the sales page space, we know what’s out there. So we can confidently say, yeah, you’ll learn something new. Because this program is based on the unique processes that we’ve honed over years of writing sales pages for clients, you can’t learn this stuff anywhere else.

    It doesn’t matter how much sales page training you’ve done. If you’re still not writing 6-figure sales pages, this course is for you.

  • Is this just for copywriters?

    Nope. Writing sales pages is an essential skill for anyone who wants to run a profitable business or growth marketing team. This training program is designed for people who have to write sales pages that sell. It doesn’t matter if you’re a freelance copywriter, a member of an in-house marketing team, a CRO or a solo business owner.

  • What is the refund policy?

    You have a full 7 days to test drive the training. If you don’t see an increase in conversions, customers or revenue by applying our training, send us your work: support@copyhackers.com – and we’ll refund your investment.

“How many sales pages do I have to write to get a massive ROI on this training?”
One. Just one.

This isn't one of those training programs where you find yourself, months down the line, not-so-optimistically wondering:

When am I going to get the results I was promised?

10x Sales Pages pays for itself starting with the first sales page you write.

Freelancers, close a $5000 sales page proposal next week and get a 5x ROI as soon as your new client signs on the dotted line. Then multiply that return exponentially every single time you land a new project and bring in jaw-dropping results.

review img
She’s brought in $56,000 in one week…”

I used the 15-Point Sales Page in a Day framework on a full-day intensive (that I sold for $3k). I updated my client’s sales page. And since re-launching it, she's brought in $56,000 in one week.

Chanti Zak chantizak.com
review img
It was a huge success…”

I’ve written just one sales letter using 10X Sales Pages, but it was a huge success. Over the course of a 5-day launch, my sales page did 1161 sales for a grand total of $228,717.

Brad Wages bradwages.com

Business owners, generate $10K, $50K or $100K on your next promo and get a colossal return. Then explode your profit potential by making that revenue-boosting sales page evergreen.

When you can write sales pages that convert like crazy, you're always in an enviable position to make more money...

It doesn’t matter if you write for clients, for your boss or for yourself...

With 10x Sales Pages, you can get a champagne-toast-worthy ROI that’s made to stuff more and more cash into your bank account. Month. After. Month.

Sure, more sales is the biggest reason for joining 10x Sales Pages

But you'll end up with much more than that:

From the moment you watch your first video, the biggest change you’ll notice is in:

Your confidence.

Thanks to the processes you’ll learn in 10x Sales Pages, you’ll experience a massive confidence boost — one that goes beyond yourself, your skills and your ability to execute.

That’s because:

  • When you can defend every word, sentence and phrase choice, plus the order you put them in…
  • When you have proof that you know where you’re coming from, proof that you’ve done your training, that you’ve worked hard to get the page where it needs to be…
  • When you can back up your decisions with a proven system for writing 6-figure sales pages…

Your clients, colleagues and teammates will have more confidence in you too.

10x Sales Pages creates an upward spiral of confidence that keeps on growing with you at the epicenter. That powerful little emotion is not only foundational to your business.

It also affects everything and everyone you touch.

Here’s how this confidence surge has impacted our students and their businesses in momentous ways:

review img
Katie Thies landed a dream client using what she learned in 10x Sales Pages

Before I watched 10x Sales Pages, sales pages felt like these big mystical things I knew all the top copywriters were doing (and making a lot of money doing) and I knew I wanted into the club… but I had no idea how.

After I watched the training, sales pages were totally demystified and attainable. They were no longer out of reach. Plus, they were a huge new source of potential income.

In fact, I reviewed a sales page for a dream client using everything I learned from the course. It was someone I had never met before but desperately wanted to work with. They were so impressed that they asked me to get on the phone with them so we could discuss a project.

I would never have even made it onto their radar if it weren’t for that review I did using 10x Sales Pages.

Katie Thies katiethies.co
review img
Gin Walker lands more clients, even though she’s new to the business

It’s wonderful having 10x Sales Pages as a resource in my back pocket at all times.

That confidence helps me on sales calls because 1) I have the knowledge and 2) 10x Sales Pages is always there in the background. I know I can go back and back up my thoughts whenever I need to.

Each time I go back and recap, it’s like an upward spiral of confidence that keeps building.It’s not just my confidence. Having done 10x Sales Pages also helps clients feel confident that I know what I’m doing.

It’s like an extra arrow in my quiver.

It helps show that I’m going to be able to help them and get them what they need to make their business thrive.

Gin Walker ginwalker.com
10x Sales Pages isn’t just for copywriters.

This is vital training for anyone who wants to take full ownership and control over their business’s ability to generate record-breaking revenues

The bottom line is:

If your business relies on sales pages that convert page views into cash flow, 10x Sales Pages is right for you.

review img
Even though I’m not a copywriter, this has been life changing”

I used 10x Sales Pages to help me create a sales page and webinar for a program I’ve been offering for nearly 2 years. I knew that the only thing keeping me from reaching more people was how I was selling it.

10x Sales Pages track 2 is absolutely phenomenal and I feel so empowered after spending the past week doing all the exercises and creating the sales page and the webinar. This Friday I’m presenting the new material to over 100 people. And even though I’ve presented the program to 1000s in the past, NOTHING compares to what just happened in the transformation of my message as a result of this training.

I’ve thrown myself wholeheartedly into this training, and even though I’m not a copywriter, this is has been life-changing. I’m so excited to see what happens next!

Leisa Peterson 10x Sales Pages student

How might a 6-figure sales page change your business — and life — for the better?

“Thanks to a streamlined approach, I’m spending less time on revisions and more time doing the best work up front.”
“I slashed my writing time by almost 50% because I don’t start with a blank page. I saved 12 hours on my last sales page!”
“I feel more comfortable pushing the boundaries in my copy because I’m not afraid to get specific and say things that really resonate with my audience.”
“I successfully out-quote my competition because I know I can deliver big results.”
“I asked for more money (and got it!) because I knew my skills were worth the higher price tag.”
“I slept like a baby the entire week pre-launch with my sales page locked, loaded and ready to sell.”
“I turned one sales page into 4 new projects, a slew of client referrals and a damn-this- girl-is-good portfolio.”
review img
Patti Haus raised her rates 250%

I charge 2.5x more for a sales page that I did when I first started the course.

I’m just more confident in the work I’m producing. I don’t feel like I’m just throwing something together because I’m using a methodology that has worked in the past for other people.
My clients are happy. I know I’m getting results for them. What I’m doing has a big impact on their business.

Actually, one of the clients I did a sales page for was so impressed she hired me for more projects. It started off as just a sales page and I think we’re on the 5th project now.

Patti Haus pattihaus.com
review img
Chanti Zak’s confidently launching her own products and programs to build out new revenue streams

My confidence comes from following the framework step by step. I know Ry and Joanna’s stuff works. It’s been used in successful, profitable campaigns in the past. And those are the examples being shared. That matters.

Having a proven process and understanding the psychology behind why we do certain things, everything from the introduction to the lead and the guarantee, plus all of these little sections that in the past were pretty easy to just skim over. But now I can come at them from a much more strategic place.

I followed their process so closely, to the point that if it didn’t convert, I’d question the offer, not the copy. I just love 10x Sales Pages. I’m so happy to have it as a resource.

I’m not only using it with clients but also for my own programs and products. Right now, I’m writing a sales page for my quiz program, and I’m definitely using everything that Ry teaches.

Chanti Zak chantizak.com

The next time you write, update or optimize a sales page, you’ll know it’s set up for 6-figure sales

This training is always there for you. Waiting in your back pocket. Like a sales page swiss army knife. Ready to whip your copy into shape.

There’s a certain comfort in knowing that:

  • when you’re in the middle of a launch, suffocating from all the stress and deadlines, and you need headline help right this second…
  • when it’s been ages since you wrote a sales page, and you can’t remember where to start, what to write or how to get there…
  • when you’re sinking-sand-level-stuck and need to get inspired fast…

You can go back, re-watch a video or do an exercise to get clarity on your biggest block.

As a 10x Sales Page student, you get:
BOTH Sales Page Writing Tracks

including a combined total of:

access img
12 Modules
access img
73 Videos
access img
20+ worksheets, exercises and examples

Plus! You get a full 7 days to test drive the training risk-free.

The complete 10x Sales Pages training program, including forever access to both tracks and all training materials
A single payment today of:
You’ll save an extra $185
today when you pay in full.
The complete 10x Sales Pages training program, including forever access to both tracks and all training materials
12 monthly payments of:
This option is designed to keep this training cashflow-friendly. When you enroll in the 12-month payment plan, you agree to make all payments.
img img img img
Check Out With Confidence
All payments are processed securely via Stripe.
7-Day Guarantee
Experience a dramatic skill improvement or your money back.

Need help ordering or have questions?

Please contact us at support@copyhackers.com

review img
My client loved it… She didn’t change one thing!”

The sales page I wrote using 10x Sales Pages went live. My client loved it – and her partner told me she’s super fussy about her copy. She didn’t change one thing! I’m getting there…

Suzanne Hamilton suzannehamilton.com
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I practically get goosebumps as I think about the possibilities”

How you have blended the psychology, marketing and passion into this training is priceless, inspiring and empowering. Thank you for preparing this course. I practically get goosebumps as I think about the possibilities. Thank you.

Seyda Koncuk 10x Sales Pages student